Monday, April 20, 2015

DewanUndanganNegeri sitting should not be reduced just to suit the Deputy Prime Minister visit in Sibu

Since I was elected as an ADUN for Kota Sentosa, the DUN sitting has always started on Monday, lasting 8 days.
When we first received the notice of meeting few weeks ago, notifying that the coming meeting will start on 21-4-2015 (Tuesday) and will last for only 7 days, we feel that something is amiss. It is only today when we read in the papers that the reason for cutting short one day of the sitting is so that the Ministers can accompany the DPM in his visit to Sibu.
This is the most ridiculous and outrageous reason for curtailing the time for DUN sitting.
Is it not more important to discuss the PEOPLE’s matter in DUN than to put up a good attendance for the DPM’s visit?
Many a time, we, the DAP ADUNs, find that the time allowed for our debate is grossly insufficient to raise all the issues that we intend to raise. With one day taken out, we will have even less time in this sitting to raise the issues.
The BN government has gotten the priority all wrong. It is for the DPM to arrange his visiting schedule to suit the DUN sitting rather than the whole of the DUN Sarawak to arrange its meeting time to suit the DPM’s visit.
What the State Government did is to relegate the importance of DUN sitting to be second to the DPM’s visit. This is not giving due respect to the highest law-making body of the State and it is also not doing justice to the Rakyat of Sarawak who elected the government of the day.
Even if the DPM cannot change his visiting schedule, it would suffice to have one or two ministers to accompany him while the rest attend the DUN sitting. There is absolutely no need for the whole cabinet to accompany the DPM throughout his visit, thereby sacrificing the time to discuss People’s business in DUN.
It should always be kept in mind of the Government that DUN sitting should be given the highest priority over all other government businesses or programs, be it the Federal or State Government businesses or programs.
We hope this is the last time that DUN sitting is ridiculed in such manner.

Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa


张健仁说,州议会是砂州最高立法机构,是提出和讨论砂州人民问题的最佳场合。 往往8天的开会时间就已非常不足,尤其是行动党的议员们,都不够时间把人民的议题提出来讨论。 今次,为了慕犹丁的拜访,辩论时间又被缩短。 这将影响议员们问政的责任。
“难道对砂州国阵的部长和议员们而言,向慕犹丁献殷勤及跟随他出席场面,比开州议会讨论砂州人民的问题还重要? 为了迎合他的行程,州议会开会的时间也被缩减。”

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chong Poses 5 Questions on the Pan Borneo Highway Contract to BN reps

The Sarawak BN elected representatives, the likes of Abdullah Saidol (ADUN for SEMOP), Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (Assistant Minister) and Michael Manyin have totally evaded my queries on the award of Pan Borneo Highway project to Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn Bhd (LBU) and tried to give a racial twist to my critics on the award of the said project to LBU.
In their statements today, the 3 of them seem to have either purposely avoided answering my queries or just could not understand the issues.
As such, for their clarity, I will put my questions in words that are easier for them to understand. The 5 questions for the 3 BN leaders to answer are as follows:
1. While the Government claims to help Sarawak contractors, why is the Board of Directors of the appointed Main Contractor, LBU, controlled by West Malaysians (4 out of 7 of the directors are West Malaysians)?
2. While the Government claims to help Bumiputra, why is there not a single Dayak in the Board of Directors nor Shareholdings of LBU or its holding companies? Dayaks are also Bumiputra, why are they left out?
On this question, I would like to remind Abdu Karim that by raising this issue, I am not importing the so-called West Malaysian racial politics into Sarawak. It is the act of the Federal Government to award the contract to a single-race company that is importing the West Malaysian racial policy into Sarawak. I am merely stating a fact so that such racial policy can be rectified.
3. While Adenan is preaching integrity and transparency and that the Sarawak cabinet ministers have signed the so-called “Integrity Pledges”, why is a contract worth more than RM10 billion awarded without open tender process?
4. While LBU has only been registered in 2011 and zero track record in construction and any trading activity, why was LBU appointed as the Main Contractor for the Pan Borneo Highway project? Is the government intending to continue with the “Ali Baba” contractor modus operandi in the implementation of its projects?
5. While the government is talking about cutting-costs, why create an Ali Baba middleman? Would it not make better sense for the Government to break down the whole stretch of Pan Borneo Highway into 20 – 30 smaller contracts, carry out open-tender processes and award the contracts directly to the ones doing the work, rather than going through LBU who will get the lion share of commission / profit, leaving the actual contractors smaller budgets to do the job?
Michael Manyin was saying that the works for the projects will not be dominated by one single race. He is either playing ignorant or just pure ignorant. The whole contract has already been awarded to LBU. It is now up to LBU to decide who will be the sub-contractors.
It is well-known in the industry that Main Contractor will take between 10% - 20% of the money and leaving the balance for the sub-contractors who actually do the job. As the Minister in-charge of public works, it would be a joke if Michael Manyin is not aware of this improper practice which has become a norm in public construction works for the Government.
I hope the 3 BN elected representatives can understand and reply to my 5 questions posed above and be accountable to the people of Sarawak.
Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa


1. 既然国阵政府表示将帮助砂州承包商,为何政府委任一个由西马人控制的公司为承建泛婆大道的承包商,Lebuhraya Borneo Utara有限公司(LBU)? (这间公司的董事局有7人,其中4人士西马人)
2. 既然政府自称要协助土著,为何LBU这间公司的董事,其母公司的董事和股东,连一位达雅人也没有? 达雅人也是土著。
张氏强调,他提出这问题,并非如阿都卡林所指责的把西马种族政治带进砂州。 其实,当政府委任一间清一色马来人的公司(而且是完全没有建筑背景的公司)承建价值超过100亿令吉的泛婆大道工程,这已是将西马的种族主义政策引进砂州了。 张氏只是道出这事实,以便这种种族主义政策得以纠正。
3. 既然阿德南不断强调廉政和透明施政,砂州内阁成员甚至签署“廉政宣言”,为何这价值超过100亿令吉的工程,在没有经过任何公开招标的程序,就批给了一间公司?
4. 既然LBU有限公司只是于2011年注册,而又没有任何建筑记录和商业活动,为何政府委任LBU有限公司为泛婆大道的承包商? 难道政府还是要持续“阿里巴巴”进行政府工程的运作模式?
5. 既然政府要节省资金,为何又再制造出一个“阿里巴巴”的中间人?与其将全部的工程批给一间公司再由这间公司转批给二手承包商,为何政府不将全程的泛婆大道工程分为20 – 30 段,分发出去,由20 – 30 不同的承包商直接承包工程,不需经过一个中间人的剥削?
“身为负责工程局的砂州部长,难道迈克马因不知道,目前建筑业的惯例,一手承包商将抽取10% – 20%工程的拨款数字,剩余的款项才付给真正承建工程的二手承包商。 若有三手承包商 ,这层层剥削的情况将更糟糕。”

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Do not equate RM2.1 billion contracts awarded by Petronas with 20% oil and gas royalty

Adenan seems to be contented with the so-called intended awards of RM2.1 billion worth of contracts by PETRONAS to Sarawak contractors, thereby diverting the attention of the people from the initial demand for 20% oil and gas royalty for Sarawak.
Last year, in the Sarawak DUN sitting, the State Legislature unanimously passed the resolution to demand for 20% oil and gas royalty for Sarawak.
Till this day, almost a year has passed and yet it seems that the demand has hit brick-wall.
Despite the failure on the part of Sarawak government under the leadership of Adenan to execute the resolution of the Sarawak DUN, Adenan seems to be happy and contented with the award of contracts worth RM2.1 billion to Sarawak contractors.
The 20% oil and gas royalty is a far cry from the RM2.1 billion worth of contracts awarded in many ways, namely:
1. According to the 2015 Sarawak State Budget’s estimates, the 5% oil and gas royalty will give Sarawak a revenue of RM1.83 billion. Therefore, 20% oil and gas royalty will give Sarawak an additional RM5.49 billion. This is 2.5 times the RM2.1 billion mentioned.
2. “Contracts worth RM2.1 billion to Sarawak contractors” means that Sarawak contractors have to come out with RM2.1 billion worth of material and work to earn that RM2.1 billion. This is totally different from the outright RM5.49 billion cash payment as oil and gas royalty.
3. Out of the RM2.1 billion worth of contract, I am sure a very substantial portion will be paid to import materials from suppliers who are not Sarawakians or to engage consultants who are not Sarawakian. Therefore, not the whole of the RM2.1 billion will be circulating in the Sarawak economy.
4. The contracts worth RM2.1 billion will benefits the local contractors who are awarded with the contracts. Its impact on the general public in Sarawak is limited. On the other hand, the RM5.49 billion royalty payment can be used by the Government to benefit all Sarawakian, especially the poor.
5. Even if all the contracts worth RM2.1 billion were to be awarded this year, they will definitely take more than a year to complete all. Therefore, it will not be RM2.1 billion worth of contract a year. The amount will be spread over a few years. On the other hand, if the 20% oil and gas royalty were to be given to Sarawak, it would mean an additional RM5.49 billion a year.
Given the above 5 points, Adenan should not try to use the RM2.1 billion worth of contracts to cover-up his failure to obtain 20% oil and gas royalty from PUTRAJAYA. Such failure to obtain the 20% oil and gas royalty from PUTRAJAYA shows the disrespect on the part of the Federal Government towards Sarawak’s rights.
It further proves that Sarawak BN is just an insignificant appendage to the Federal BN and that Sarawak BN cannot make any important decision without the nod from the Federal BN.
In the coming DUN sitting, I will suggest some ways whereby the Sarawak Government can compel the Federal Government to give in to the demand of 20% oil and gas royalty, PROVIDED THAT the Sarawak Government must have the political will and resolve that it is not a subordinate or a colony to the Federal Government.
Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa


1. 根据砂州政府2015年的财政预算案,砂州政府将从5%的开采税获得约18.3亿令吉的收入。若开采税增至20%,州政府将得到额外的54.9亿令吉。 这是21亿令吉的2.5倍。
2. 价值21亿令吉的工程意味着砂州承包商必须付出价值21亿令吉的物质和工作,才可赚取这21亿令吉工程合约的钱。 相比之下,20%开采税的额外54.9亿令吉,是直接的付款予州政府,砂州承包商或公司,甚至砂州政府什么都不需做,就可收到这笔54.9亿令吉的钱了。
3. 至于这价值21亿令吉的工程,我相信,有一大部分将用在进口机器或工程原料及聘雇外籍专才。 因此,这21亿令吉将不会全部留在砂州的经济体之内。
4. 无可否认,价值21亿令吉的工程将惠及一些砂州承包商,但它对全民的效应仍是有限。 相比额外54.9亿令吉的开采税,这54.9亿令吉是政府直接的收入,可用在各个领域的拨款,用以惠及全民,尤其是中下阶级的人民。
5. 这价值21亿令吉的工程,肯定不是每年的,因为就算全部价值21亿令吉的工程可在1年的时间之内批完,也不可能全部都能在1年的时间之内完成。 因此,这价值21亿令吉的工程,等到承包商们真正收足这21亿令吉的钱,最快也要2 – 3年的时间。 相比54.9亿令吉额外开采税的税收,却是每一年的政府收入。
有鉴于以上5个大不同,张健仁敦促阿迪南,不要一直以“价值21亿令吉工程”自我陶醉,来掩饰20%开采税诉求的失败。 更何况,这20%开采税的诉求,是砂州议会一致的议决案,是立法机关给予行政机构(砂州内阁)的任务。 阿迪南的内阁无法履行这项任务,是行政机构的失责。
“同时,这项任务的失败,也显示出砂国阵毕竟只是全国国阵的一个附属体,没有自主决定重要议题的权力。 在联邦国阵完全漠视和不尊重砂州议会决定的当儿,砂国阵只能逆来顺受,屈居人下。”
张健仁表示,他将在来届州议会(21/4/2015开始至29/4/2015)提出一些建议,如何让联邦政府就范,俯顺砂州政府的诉求。 但是先决条件就是,砂州国阵必须要有一个坚强的政治意愿,不要自贬为联邦的附属体或殖民地。

Saturday, April 11, 2015




张氏昨日在国会下议院引述1962年砂州议会当时针对砂拉越参组马来西亚动议,众多议员们的辩论。 当时许多议员们都强调,要参组马来西亚,砂拉越必须拥有退出马来西亚的权力。

这是为了保障,将来若马来西亚并非如承诺般的好,砂州没有得到应得的利益,我们的下一代有权力退出马来西亚。 这是对砂州人民最重要的保障。

张氏也指出,当时参组马来西亚委员会主席有讲过: “任何自愿参组一个联邦的国家,都拥有退出该联邦的权力,因此,这项权力不需要明文写在宪法里。”