Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Surreptitious Conversion to Invited Tender Has to Be Prevented

DAP watching closely the open tender for the BatangSamarahan Bridge to prevent another surreptitious conversion to “invited tender” magical craft by Ministry of Finance and Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR).

On 16-8-2014, the JKR has published in the major local newspaper calling for open tenders for the projects, including, inter alia,

1.         Tender No. T/399/08/2014
            Construction and Completion of the Proposed Bridge over Batang Samarahan, Samarahan Division, Sarawak

This is an advertisement for open tender of the above project.

Previously, there were 3 open tender projects which were also advertised by JKR in most of the major local newspaper but after many contractors submitted their tender document (about 50 contractors submitted their tender for each of the 3 projects), the Ministry of Finance surreptitiously converted the said open tenders to “invited tenders”, excluding all the contractors not included in the invitees lists which contain only 10 contractors.

These 3 projects are:
1.         The Construction and Completion of Projek Jalan Poi/Ngemah/Temalat/Song/Kapit, Seksyen C Fasa 3, Pakej B, Jalan Song/Sg.Yong, BahagianKapit (CH.5+460 to CH.17+560)

2.         The Construction and Completion of Projek Jalan Poi/Ngemah/Temalat/Song/Kapit, Seksyen C Fasa 3, Pakej C, Jalan Song/Sg.Yong, BahagianKapit (CH.17+543 to CH.33+120)

3.         The Construction and Completion of the Kanowit Bridge

Though the reasons given by the Ministry of Finance was that these projects need to be implemented urgently, but the award of the projects has been delayed by almost 6 months because of the conversion to “invited tender”.  Till this day, the projects are still not awarded.

Company searches made on the invitees showed that a company with less than RM500,000.00 net assets, another company formed only in year 2011 and another company with the registered nature of business as “transportation”.

Each of the above 3 projects has an estimated project value of RM100 million.  How did these companies become the invitees to tender for these projects.

Given the suspicious track record of these JKR projects, the DAP will be monitoring the tender process of this BatangSamarahan bridge closely.  We do not want another 4th incident of “open tender becoming invited tender” magical craft again by the Ministry of Finance and the JKR.

Meanwhile, since the 30-day deadline given by me previously for the Ministry of Finance to explain on the 3 projects is up and that the Ministry of Finance has yet to give an explanation therefor, we DAP shall be making arrangement to lodge a formal complaint with the MACC next week.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Response to Selangor MB Crisis

雪州卡立的事件,虽然是非常不幸,但是,这是任何组织都可能面对的问题。 就把它视为民联“净化”和“进化”的成长过程。 

暴风雨过后,终究会有风和日丽的到来。 几个领袖的叛变,只是历史的过程。 最重要民主行动党本质和原则不变,宗旨贯彻始终。

The Khalid incidence in Selangor is unfortunate, but it is something that could happen to any organisation. Look at it as a growing process of "filtering" and "progressing".

There is always the calm after a storm. The betrayal by a few leaders is just the passage of history. The most important thing is that the core values and principles of DAP do not change and that we stick to them till the end.

Kampung Kiding Run

Come celebrate Malaysia Day in a meaningful manner in Kampung Kiding, Sarawak by taking part in a cross-country run in an area known for its breathtaking natural beauty! Join us as we celebrate too our biggest project so far - a 3km long village road which crosses rivers and ravines at several points.

Registration is now open!
Interested individuals may register at DAP Sarawak HQ. (Contact: Billy 082-335531)

For more info about Impian Sarawak projects, email impiansarawak@gmail.com. For info about the Kiding Run, email whybilly88@gmail.com.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Impian Sarawak kicks into high gear

After almost one year of its launch, Impian Sarawak kicks into high gear. On 11 August, DAP reported that after completing 29 community projects under the aegis of Impian Sarawak, it will hold a cross country run to commemorate Malaysia Day in Kiding, Sarawak.

Sarawak DAP chairman and Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jenannounced that to celebrate the completion of the Kg Kiding road project, DAP will be holding an Impian Kiding Run to also commemorate Malaysia Day on 16 September 2014.

“We call upon all Malaysians, in Sarawak and elsewhere to come join the run with us. The views of this off-beaten-track location is awe-inspiring and is already well known to regular mountain hikers. With this road and run, thousands more will be able to admire Malaysia’s natural beauty,” Chong said.

The run also commemorates the launching of the Impian Sarawak project one year ago in September 2013. Chong said that since then DAP and Impian Sarawak volunteers have completed a total of 29 projects providing various assistance to marginalized and neglected villagers.

These projects include providing gravity-fed water or to help with urgent repairs or renovations to basic community facilities such as bridges, jetties, community halls and places of worship.

“For Impian Sarawak, we have spent to date a total of RM 357,000 benefitting nearly 500 families in the rural villages. We have also involved more than 117 volunteers who have spent their time and money to contribute towards the completion of these projects as well as building a strong community spirit and bond with the local villagers,” Chong, who is also DAP national vice-chairman, added.

With regards to the Malaysia Day run, it is also to celebrate the completion of the Kg Kiding village road project, Impian Sarawak’s biggest project thus far. Kg Kiding is a village located in the Mambong constituency, less than 2 hours away from Kuching, Sarawak.

“We started the project in May this year and completed it in July. With a budget if RM140,000 the sponsorship of heavy machinery services, 53 volunteers from West Malaysia and Sarawak as well as the gotong-royong spirit of the villagers, Impian Sarawak successfully completed the 3km village road which included 4 bridges to cross the rivers and ravines.”

“With the new road, villagers and school children don’t have to spend 1 hour plus walking each way to sell their produce and go to schools,” Chong elaborated.

Chong added that Impian Sarawak wants to shift into a higher gear by also providing ‘software’ needs on top of the hardware they are providing for rural communities.

“We will be kicking off our Impian Sarawak ‘Learning Camps’ in the September school holidays from 13 to 21 September 2014. The pilot camps will be held in Rassau, Sibu and in Bintagor to provide education workshops and motivation talks for the school-going children.”

“We are looking out for volunteers who are able to spend up to a week in these villagers to teach, tutor and talk to these young students to help shape a better future for them.”

Impian Sarawak is looking for 5-6 volunteers for each of these camps and those who are interested may write to impiansarawak@gmail.com with their resumes.

on TheRocket (11 August 2014) 


Sunday, August 3, 2014



罗克强于今日在报章上发表说,石角MJC对面政府地应是供商业中心和高级住宅区发展,政府已在三马连、山都望及朋尼逊等地区建廉价屋。 因此,罗克强指张氏的建议在MJC对面政府地上建可负担组屋,为“荒谬”和不实际的。


张氏责问罗克强,为何中下阶级人民就一定要被安排到二、三十公里以外的地区居住? 为何只有富有阶级的才可以住在靠近市区的地方? 古晋7层楼难道就不是在市中心提供给贫穷人士的居所?

张氏说,罗克强的这番言论尽显他对贫穷家庭需求的无知。 如果把贫穷家庭安排在几十公里外的地区居住,他们每天上下班,耗费在交通或车油方面的开支也相应的增加,相对的,他们原本微薄的收入,扣除每天通勤开支,更是相应见少。

他说,把贫穷家庭安排在郊区居住,要他们每天驾十几公里路到市中心上下班,对他们原本就钱不够用的处境,可说是雪上加霜。 这也是为何,在英殖民政府统治时代,当时的英政府会选择在市中心建政府组屋,便宜的租给贫穷的一群,即万福路的7层楼、3层楼组屋。




张健仁也质问罗克强,为何罗克强如此大的反应抗拒张氏的建议。 反观土保党的阿都卡林也表示张氏的提议好,但是需看政府如何决定。

张氏表示,如果这片263.6英亩的政府地可依据他所建议的,发展为可负担组屋,最直接受惠的就是石角一代的居民。 罗克强如此大力反对和排斥这项建议。 可见罗克强根本没重视石角人民的利益。

张氏说,罗克强身为巴达旺市议会主席,管辖地区的范围包括石角区。 在他的管辖地区建3120单位可负担组屋单位,可解决3120个贫穷家庭的困境。 任何市议会的主席,都会欢迎这种建议,但是令人费解的是,为何罗克强会有如此大的反应。

张健仁指出,过去2000年代初期,人联党的市议员的公司得到Stutong的一片政府地,之后发展为Stutong的99间店。 过后2000年代末期,人联党当时党主席的女儿和当时砂州首席部长子女的公司以廉价得到BDC 269英亩的政府地。


“相信罗克强身为该区的市议会主席,应该有内幕消息。 他应该让古晋市的人民,尤其是石角区的人民知道,这片地是否将再次的成为国阵朋党囊中之物? 身为人民的公仆,罗克强更有责任阻止在他管辖之下的政府地,落入朋党公司的口袋。”

张健仁奉劝罗克强,为官者应以人民利益为优先,应先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐。 衡量一个好政府的准绳,是看它如何照顾贫穷的一群,不是看它如何让朋党自肥。


Friday, August 1, 2014

Develop land in front of MJC for the poor and Stop giving state land to crony firms

The proposed layout plan

Sarawak DAP today urged Chief Minister Adenan Satem to stop immediately the alienation of 263.6 acres of state land in Batu Kawa (MJC), Kuching, to a company it said is owned by leaders of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB).

The land should instead be used for affordable housing, with the construction of flats equipped with full recreational facilities and two primary schools, Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen said today.

DAP is concerned the land, worth about RM400 million, is in the process of being alienated to a company owned by PBB leaders.

“We don’t want yet another plot of state land to be alienated to a crony company,” said Chong, who is the MP for Bandar Kuching and assemblyperson for Kota Sentosa.

The DAP leader has been exposing abuses of power by the state government, especially in the alienation of state land to crony companies, since the time Abdul Taib Mahmud was chief minister.

One example Chong cited was 269 acres of state land at BDC alienated to Monarda Sdn Bhd, a company owned by Taib's son, Mohd Abu Bekir, at a premium price of RM80 million when the value of the land in the open market was put at RM500 million.

Another 32-acre plot of state land at Batu Lintang was alienated to Naim Cendera, another company linked to the Taib family, at a price far below the market price. The land is said to be worth more than RM900 million.

“We don’t want to see another fine state land in a good location falling into the hands of cronies. So we want to see whether Adenan is a man of his word, and whether his policy is line with what he says,” said Chong.

- Plan for site to be sent to the chief minister -
Last month Adenan told the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) that he does not wish to see his family members get any state land, logging licences or government contracts and tenders while he is the chief minister.

Chong said he would send a proposal to the chief minister to develop the Batu Kawa land into affordable flats for the poor, equipped with full recreational facilities and two primary schools.

“We have taken the trouble to look for available state land and have taken the trouble to draw the concept plan.

“I hope the chief minister will accept this proposal, and prove that he preaches what he says, or walks his talk,” Chong said.

The proposed development, which is in line with DAP’s 10-point policy reforms that were given to Adenan, shortly after he took over as chief minister, to improve his administration.

It proposes the construction of 104 blocks of five-storey residential flats, containing 30 units each, making a total of 3,120 units of affordable housing for the poor on the Batu Kawa plot.

The plan also provides for sports facilities, including a public swimming pool, football field, running track, badminton halls and basket courts, as well as two primary schools within a five-acre plot each.

Chong said 20 acres of the Batu Kawa land have also been proposed to be handed to the Chinese Middle Schools Management Board for development into shophouses to generate income for the school boards.

He said: “It is proposed that the development of these flats be undertaken by a state-owned agency, such as the Borneo Development Corporation (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, under the supervision of the state Ministry of Housing.

“All the units shall contain three bedrooms and two bathrooms and be sold at an affordable price of RM150,000 each to the poor under a ‘rent-to-own’ scheme, with the monthly rental or instalment payment per unit fixed at RM250 to RM400.”

To further assist the poor to purchase the units, Chong added, the state agency could grant interest-free loans to these purchasers.

on Malaysiakini (31/08/2014)