Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hudud Law is not suitable for Sarawak

The state DAP brought the hudud law issue during the state Pakatan Rakyat (PR) meeting sometime in May this year.

This was confirmed by its state chief Chong Chieng Jen who denied that the issue was never discussed at the meeting, an allegation he said was made by state PKR chief Baru Bian and state PAS chief Adam Ahid on Sunday.

“Hudud Law is not suitable for Sarawak,” Chong said.

“I brought out the (Hudud Law) issue and I requested that PAS made their stand during that meeting in May."

“PAS rejected the request and I thought PKR, represented by Baru would support my request but he was silent,” he told a press conference at the state DAP head office here yesterday.

“I must say I was displeased with the PKR and Pas’ stand,” he added.

According to Chong, PAS discussed the subject with the federal government last Thursday (news reported on Jul 18 by a Chinese Daily) which was led by Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

He said the discussion touched on the implementation of hudud law without any amendment to the federal constitution citing a paper from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) which said that the hudud law could be implemented without amending the constitution.

“It also said hudud law applied to all Malaysians regardless of their religions and Jakim’s suggestion was apparently endorsed by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin. I think the discussion and implementation of hudud without amending the constitution is just the first step towards the Islamisation of the country.

“Now that the ball is at the court of PKR and PAS it is for PAS to make a stand whether they want to revert to the common principle, policy of PR common manifesto during the 13th General Election and the principle of the Malaysia agreement, “said Chong.

As far as PKR is concerned, Chong said that they should make a firm, clear and unequivocal stand on this issue.

“Beside PKR and PAS, the Barisan Nasional also has to make a stand on the issue. It is no longer an issue with PAS and Umno. It is our duty as political parties to defend the constitutions as well as the Malaysia Agreement,” he said.

on The Borneo Post (23/07/2014) and edited.


砂行动党主席张健仁昨日针对有人指称砂行动党事先未就该党在州联委会会议中的议决与其他友党进行讨论的说法回应说﹐ 在今年5月份召开的砂民联理事会会议中﹐ 其本身就曾经提出伊斯兰刑事法的课题﹐ 并在会上要求伊斯兰党代表就有关课题表明立场﹐ 唯砂伊斯兰党代表给予拒绝﹐ 而砂公正党的领袖也没有在该项民联会议中做出表态。

同时身为古晋区国会议员的他是在昨日早上于该党总部召开的新闻发布会上发言时﹐ 就砂公正党及砂伊斯兰党针对砂行动党领袖在日前召开的州联委会会议中之议决所做出的回应﹐ 向媒体如是表示。

“我当时要求伊斯兰党代表表明立场﹑ 说明伊斯兰刑事法是不适合在砂州实施的﹐ 但他们拒绝了。”

他续称﹐ 砂公正党党主席峇鲁比安当时也在会上﹐ 但他也并未就有关课题表态。

“峇鲁比安说﹐ 报章曾经报导他的言论﹐ 表明他反对在砂州实施伊斯兰刑事法的立场﹐ 但在相关会议中﹐ 他却保持沉默。”

张健仁表示﹐ 针对相关课题﹐ 砂公正党领袖理应在砂民联理事会会议中做出表态。

· 确保宪法受保护
他也在会上重申﹐ 砂行动党日前在州联委会会议中做出有关议决的目的﹐ 是要避免大马立国契约受到侵蚀﹐ 并确保宪法的原则及精神受到保护。

“砂行动党是在无奈﹑ 痛心的前提下﹐ 做出了相关决定。”

他续指出﹐ 目前球是在砂伊斯兰党及砂公正党脚下﹐ 而当中﹐ 伊斯兰党就要决定是要重现民联3党之前的共同政策及精神﹐ 还是要跟着巫统起舞﹑ 继续要实施伊斯兰刑事法﹐并将国家伊斯兰化。

“另外﹐ 是种将事情暂时搁置﹑ 容后处理的态度﹐ 至今也应该告一段落﹐ 所以砂公正党也要明确表态﹐ 特别是要针对马来西亚伊斯兰教发展局的相关报告做出回应。”

“球在他们脚下﹐ 所以先看他们怎样踢﹐但砂行动党的大门并未关闭。”

他不忘提醒说﹐ 国阵成员党也应该就伊斯兰法课题清楚表明自身立场﹐ 因为捍卫宪法及大马立国契约﹐乃是负责任政党的责任。

· 阻止国家走向伊化
另一方面﹐ 他说明﹐马来西亚伊斯兰教发展局的相关报告也曾经提及说﹐ 伊斯兰刑事法其实可在不修宪的情况下获得实施﹐ 而概括伊斯兰刑事法的伊斯兰法令﹐ 也将可实施在非伊斯兰教徒身上。

为此他认为﹐ 伊斯兰刑事法的实施﹐ 将是我国被伊斯兰化的第一个步骤﹐ 所以他强调﹐ 该些负责任的政党就理应在国家伊斯兰化的第一步骤实施前做出阻止﹐ 以避免国家走向伊斯兰化的发展方向。

取自诗华日报 (23/07/2014)

Sunday, July 20, 2014


1. That the decision of PAS Kelantan to work together with the Federal Government for the implementation of the hudud law in Kelantan is not only against the common manifesto of the Pakatan Rakyat during the 13th General Elections, but also against the fundamental principle and spirit of the Federal Constitution and Malaysia Agreement.

2. That DAP Sarawak expresses deep regrets on the silence and non-committal on the part of PKR on such act by PAS against the common policies and spirit of the PR.

3. That unless PAS Malaysia revert to the common policies stated in the PR’s 13th General Election Manifesto and that PAS Sarawak openly resolve that it shall not pursue the implementation of hudud law in Sarawak, DAP Sarawak shall withdraw from Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak. Unless such conditions were fulfilled, DAP Sarawak shall refrain from holding or participating in any event organized under the name of PR or PAS.



1. 吉兰丹伊斯兰党与联邦政府合作欲在吉兰丹落实伊斯兰刑事法典举动,不只违背了民联3党在2014年全国大选联合宣言的共同政策大纲,也违背了马来西亚联邦宪法和马来西亚合约的基本原则和精神。

2. 砂拉越民主行动对于公正党针对此课题采取沉默和模棱两可的立场,表示遗憾。

3. 除非伊斯兰党重回民联在第13届国选民联3党联合宣言的共同政策和精神,且砂州伊斯兰党宣布放弃在砂拉越推行伊斯兰刑事法的目标,砂拉越民主行动党将退出砂民联。 在这两项条件实现之前,砂拉越民主行动党将停止参与任何以民联或伊斯兰党名义所举办的活动。

Friday, July 18, 2014

Commemorate #MH17

Deepest condolences to the families and friends of the passengers and crews of MH17. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu should take the cue from AdenanSatem by making sure that his son, Gerald RentapJabu resign from Syarikat SescoBerhad

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu should take the cue from AdenanSatem by making sure that his son, Gerald RentapJabu resign from Syarikat SescoBerhad

In what capacity is Gerald RentapJabu sitting on the Board of Directors of Syarikat SescoBerhad (SESCO)?

SESCO is a Sarawak State Government wholly-owned company, tasked for the supply of electricity throughout Sarawak.  The State Financial Secretary Sarawak, through Sarawak Energy Berhad, owned all the shares in SESCO.  As such, the directors of SESCO are appointed by the State Government to sit in the Board to safeguard the interest of the Government in the Company.

In normal circumstances, the officers from the State Secretary department, State Finance Secretary department, theAttorney-General’s chamber and relevant ministry are appointed as directors in such strategic industry company, electricity supply to the whole state, to ensure that the Government’s policies are implemented.  This is especially so in the case of SESCO which collects about RM2 billion from Sarawakian every year.

As far as I know, Gerald RentapJabu is not an officer of any of the Sarawak State Government’s agencies.  His only linkage to the Sarawak State Government is his father-and-son relationship with Alfred Jabu who is the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, but such linkage should not be considered in the appointment of directorship of a government-owned company.

Therefore, it begs the question why Gerald RentapJabu was appointed since year 2005 till this day, a director in the board of directors of SESCO.  Is Gerald RentapJabu appointed as a director of SESCO because he is the son of Alfred Jabu who is the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak? 

Alfred Jabu and the State Government owes the people of Sarawak an explanation on his appointment.

Whatever it be, as the new Chief Minister AdenanSatem has made it clear that he will not allow his immediate family members to obtain personal benefit from his position as the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Alfred Jabu, as Adenan’s second man, the Deputy Chief Minister, must follow suit.

If Alfred Jabu is with AdenanSatem on the latter’s new policy, Alfred Jabu should immediately procure the cabinet to direct that his son resigns or be removed as the director of SESCO.  So far, we have seen neither resignation nor removal of his son as director of SESCO.

To foster clean, fair and good governance in the administration of the State Government, we, DAP Sarawak call upon Alfred Jabu to practice the good policy set by AdenanSatem and to start by ensuring that his son, Gerald RentapJabu, resign from the Board of Director of SESCO.

Chong Chieng Jen
Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching
State Assembly Member for Kota Sentosa
Sarawak DAP Chairman