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DAP files graft report against Finance Ministry

A member of Sarawak DAP filed a report with the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission (MACC) in Kuching today on secret conversions of open tender processes into selected tender processes by the Finance Ministry.

These acts of corruption, which the party claimed in its report occurred in the tender processes of three projects called by the ministry, could lead to abuse of power, corruption and cronyism.

The reports involved two in connection with the construction of Package B of Jalan Kapit-Song, and Package C of the same road, worth RM100 million each, and the proposed Kanowit Bridge, which is worth RM150 million.

Speaking to the media outside the MACC headquarters in Kuching, Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen said a member of his party had lodged a report with the MACC on the secret conversion of the tender processes for the three projects.

“Initially the projects were advertised for open tender process, but later, the Finance Ministry secretly converted the open tender process into selected tender process.

“For the open tender process, anyone can submit their application, but for the selected tender process, only a few names nominated by the ministry are eligible to tender.

“There is room for corruption, abuse of power and cronyism under the selected tender system,” said Chong, who is the MP for Bandar Kuching and assemblyperson for Kota Sentosa.

'Suddenly and secretly changed'

He added: “The most suspicious thing in this case is that the whole thing was already announced and advertised in the media.

“And, despite the fact that 50 applications have been received for both the road projects, the Finance Ministry suddenly and secretly changed it (the open tender process) into selected tender process.

“Given the lack of transparency in the way this was done, a member of Sarawak DAP has decided to lodge a report with the MACC against the Finance Ministry.

“I hope the MACC will investigate the matter thoroughly without fear or favour.”

Chong went on to add that he had raised the issue with the ministry, twice, and the official reason it gave in Parliament was that it wanted to urgently implement the projects.

Under the open tender process, the closing dates for the three projects were supposed to be called in March and April this year.

“But because of the secret conversion to selected tenders, the projects have not commenced until now. Had the ministry proceeded with the open tenders, I am sure the projects would have started by now,” Chong said.

Meanwhile, it is understood that 10 invited companies have been earmarked for the road projects in Kapit.

Six of them are said to be owned by a relative of a minister in Sarawak.

As for the Kanowit Bridge, three of the 10 invited contractors are either newly formed companies or have a paid-up capital of RM500,000 to carry out a project worth RM150 million.

“This is most ridiculous as the backgrounds of the companies are questionable,” Chong said, adding, “I think this is a very serious issue and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is also the finance minister, has lot to answer on these matters.”

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Friday, September 12, 2014

‘No response’ but earthworks stirring at Batu Kawah site

KUCHING: The state has yet to respond to a proposed project to build affordable housings on a 263-acre state land opposite Batu Kawah New Township (MJC), but a recent earth-filling work at the site has raised curiosity of opposition lawmakers.

Chong holds up a sketch on his proposed development of public affordable housings and amenities while Chiew shows a picture of a recent earth-filling work taking place at the said land.

State Democratic Action Party (DAP) chairman Chong Chieng Jen proposed for the development of four parcels of land – Lots 127, 128, 2301 and 2304 all of Block 225 Kuching North Land District – with a total area of 106.67 hectares.

The proposed development, which was suggested to be undertaken by the Housing Commission, consists of the building of 104 blocks of 5-storey residential flats containing 30 units each, making a total of 3,120 units of affordable housing for the poor; two primary schools with five acres of land each and various sports facilities including a public swimming pool.

Also proposed was an allocation of 20 acres of land to the Chinese Middle Schools Management Board for development of shophouses to generate income for the school board.

However, the Bandar Kuching MP has not received any reply from the government in respect to his application sent to Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem through a letter dated July 31.

“It is shocking that recently, earth-filling work was seen being carried out on the land although it is still registered as a State Land. A land search on the four parcels of land with the Land and Survey Department revealed that as of July 30, the State is the registered proprietor of the land.

“The immediate question that comes to my mind is whether the work is done by some ‘crony companies’ or that it is done by the government itself, which is unlikely. The state government normally does not carry out earth-filling work,” he told a press conference at DAP headquarters here yesterday.

Also present was Batu Kawah assemblywoman Christina Chiew.
Also, there was no signboard detailing the works, project length and the name of company engaged to undertake the contract carried out at the land.

In this regards, Chong who is also Kota Sentosa assemblyman wrote to the Land and Survey Dept superintendent (Kuching Division) and forwarded a copy to Adenan to enquire on the matter.

The letter enquired whether there was any application made to the Land and Survey Department for the earth-filling work to be carried out and whether any approval has been given to the applicant to carry out such work.

If so, Chong queried on what ground was the approval granted and what action would the department take against the contractor if there was no approval.

“Who made such application and on what locus standi did the applicant base its application? It is incredulous and unbelievable that someone can be so blatant as to enter a state land which is located next to a main road and carry out earth-filling work as if the land belongs to that person,” he said.

He hoped the department will take immediate action on the matter. In addition, he urged the chief minister to approve the submitted plan to build over 3,000 low and medium cost housings for low-income earners.

Chong expected the four parcels of land under the jurisdiction of Padawan Municipal Council to have a market value of around RM500 million.

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批给私人发展商? 石角263.6英亩地已填土









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别再玩弄经济数字 实际解决通膨问题

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Opposition MPs hold key to increase in state seats – Chong

Without the consent of Members of Parliament from Pakatan Rakyat, there is no way that the Election Commissions (EC) can re-delineate the State and Parliamentary constituencies, and there is no way that Sarawak will have any new State constituencies.

I am referring to the recent statement issued by the Sarawak EC that the EC is planning to create 9 new State constituencies in Sarawak.  Coincidentally, currently, there are 9 ADUNs who have quitted SUPP and SPDP and now in UPP and TERAS.  These BN-plus ADUNs seem to have no seat to contest in the coming State Elections given that SUPP and SPDP objected strongly against them.

It seems that the creation of these 9 seats are tailor-made for these 9 ADUNs.  As a matter of principle, such intention in constituency re-delineation is WRONG.  This is using tax-payer’s money to solve the internal squabble of BarisanNasional.

In reality, these 9 ADUNs or anyone harbouring such hope of having 9 new seats to be divided among these 9 ADUNs are in for a big disappointment.

To increase the number of State or Parliamentary constituencies, the EC needs to get the support of no less than 2/3 Members of Parliament in DewanRaykat (the Lower House).  At present, there are 222 MPs in the House, out of which 86 are Pakatan Rakyat MPs, 135 BN MPs and 1 Independent MP.

If there were to be any constituency re-delineation, BN will need to have at least 148 MPs supporting such motion in the Parliament. With its present 135 members and 1 Independent, it is still 12 short.  In the last Parliament when the Pakatan Rakyat only had 79 MPs, BN was 5 short and yet it could not get that crucial 5 votes.  What more to say, now that it is 12 short?

In fact, according to our Constitution, there should be constituency re-delineation every 8 years.  The last re-delineation exercise for Parliamentary seats was carried out in year 2003 and as for Sarawak state constituencies, it was done in year 2005.

As such, it is overdue for another constituency re-delineation exercise, but BN will not do it because without the 2/3rd majority support in Parliament, BN could not engage in its gerrymandering to enhance its winning chances.

I wish to reiterate, DAP will not agree (and I am sure neither PKR nor PAS will agree) with the lop-sided constituency delineation whereby the number of voters in urban seats are several times more than the number of voters in rural seats.  Unless the EC will put in practice the principle of ONE PERSON ONE VOTE ONE VALUE in the upcoming constituency re-delineation exercise, there is no way that there will be any re-delineation or increase in State seats or Parliament seats.

Ultimately, being what SUPP and SPDP have always been, they will just cow-tow to the wishes of the PBB and the Chief Minister of the day. As such, I foresee these two parties compromising their stand in the allocation of seats.  Say what they like, they will ultimately give up some of their seats to UPP and TERAS.

Such subservience and total submission to the powers that be is the main reason for the downfall of SUPP and rendered them a redundant party which is powerless to fight for the people’s rights. 

Chong Chieng Jen
Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa, Sarawak
DAP Sarawak State Chairman, National Vice Chairman

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